Shizuoka University Research Institute of Green Science and Technology

Instrumental Research Support Office

The Instrumental Research Support Office is comprised of the Molecular Structure Analysis Section (formerly the Center for Instrumental Analysis) and the Functional Genomics Section (formerly the Institute for Genetic Research and Biotechnology). Through the management and operation of large-scale research equipment, the Instrumental Research Support Office promotes research and educational activities at the campus.

Research and educational support activities conducted using the large-scale research equipment

The Molecular Structure Analysis Section houses around 30 instruments, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Mass spectroscopy, X-ray analysis, electron spin resonance (ESR), and electron microscopy equipment. These are powerful tools for structural determinations and characterizations of compounds synthesized in laboratory and trace components extracted from natural products. Some instruments such as gas adsorption measurements and electron microscopy are useful for developments of functional materials, e.g. industrially important heterogeneous catalysts and porous adsorbents, by observational analysis of their materials.

The Functional Genomics Section houses around 30 large instruments for the structural and functional analysis of genes, such as a next-generation DNA sequencer, DNA microarray apparatus, and a liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). Using the instrumentation, the section facilitates functional genomics research for the comprehensive understanding of complex biological phenomena. The section is also equipped with plant and animal cell culture chambers, a biosafety level 3 (P3) laboratory, and an isolated greenhouse for genetic engineering and analyzes gene function by, for example, genetic complementation. The Instrumental Research Support Office offers laboratory equipment workshops to university faculty and students and accepts service orders to analyze samples, facilitating the collaborative use of the forefront most modern equipment and contributing to novel scientific discoveries. It also provides practical training sessions to foster human resources and continuously improve their skills.

Regional activities conducted using the large-scale research equipment

The Instrumental Research Support Office and the large-scale research equipment are made available to the public via the Internet. The office has established a support system that plays a central role in regional science and technology activities, whereby local businesses can learn about the operation of large instruments to promote their R&D activities. The facility also participates in the Super Science High School Program and Science Partnership Programs, and offers laboratory workshops by using large instruments for local middle and high schools to give teachers and students an opportunity to experience the most advanced technology.